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The Local Taphouse, Darlinghurst

The sheer height of the burger at The Local Taphouse is worth the price of admission alone. It truly is a monster and much debate will be had about the best way to consume it. Do you man-up and go for a two-handed vulture while nonchalantly discussing the weekend footy? Or are you more “proper”, opting to cut it in half before launching into a diatribe of the market activity of the day? Then there are the deconstructors amongst us, elaborately picking apart each layer while waxing lyrical with philosophical musings. The options appear endless but one thing is for sure, you will consume this monster!

I had almost given up on The Local. For years it made my favourite burger then something just went wrong. The rumour was that the manager got fired by the owner (drugs apparently) and he was so liked by his staff that they all quit in solidarity. The result was a kitchen nightmare with my first return visit resulting in a poorly cooked cold burger and on the second occasion we didn’t get our food for over two hours. I had avoided the place for a few years but my recent visit showed a true return to form: the best burger is back!

Where to start on this mammoth? The smoked ale beef patty is blessed with Gruyere cheese and 2 Pilsner battered onion rings for a superb crunch, topped with a simple salad and aioli. It’s spectacular. For sides you get hand-sliced roasted vegetables made up of potatoes, pumpkin and sweet potato. If you’re unsure about which of the burgers to get, you can grab a trilogy of sliders covering the smoked beef, the pulled pork and roast field mushroom. Variety is the spice of life, right?

Though the best part of the burgers, of course, is the abundant selection of beer with which to wash it down. The honey-ale goodness of Birrificio San Paolo was my pick of the tap beers, of which there are numerous. Ask the friendly bar staff their current favourites and they are only too eager to divulge. There’s no denying that The Local has returned to form - I’ve been there twice in a week and each occasion has been memorable. Go there for the burgers and I promise you’ll stay for the beers.

The Local Taphouse
122 Flinders Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010
(02) 9360 0088 

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