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Marlowe’s Way, Sydney

I really love coffee. I drink cups of it a day. And none of that instant rubbish or even the faux-filtered capsule mess that’s become the latest craze. No, no! I like my coffee from a barista - those artists who walk amongst us, who perk us up with their banter and grinding skills of a weekday morning. We’ve all had a crush on a barista at some stage, haven’t we? They’re like the butchers of the coffee world. In any event, putting all that diatribe aside for just a moment, I have found a truly amazing coffee shop that happens to be conveniently located (for me that is).

Introducing Marlowe’s Way: snugly fitting on the corner of Tank Stream Way and Bridge Lane, it’s close to the Republic Hotel, a stroll from Tank Stream Bar and Palmer & Co, and a hop, skip and a jump from the Bridge Street Fratelli Fresh and Cafe Sopra. It looks like we have ourselves a new mini-foodie district opening up. Hell, if Marlowe’s Way gets a small bar licence, you could have a stellar night out in an area less than 50 metres squared that was formally a bit of a dead zone after work hours. Sydney, this is exciting!

Have I mentioned yet that the coffee is amazing? Rich, full-bodied and perfectly roasted and strained. Pick your blend or go single origin. You can get traditional coffee from the espresso machine and flirt with the barista to your heart’s desire. Or why not try a cold drip coffee that uses ice and gravity to filter the coffee over many, many hours - it’s a delicious pick me up and an interesting take on iced coffee.

The food is also stellar. Traditional cafe fare but sexed-up for inner city hipsters who come here for cool murals on the wall and the delicious coffee, and who come back for the sourdough roll with roast pork, cabbage, pancetta (that’s right - double pig) and chutney. It makes you want to be a better person. So tell your friends that Mecca is no longer the only good coffee shop down this end of town because Marlowe is about to get his way!

Marlowe’s Way
Cnr Tank Stream Way And Bridge Lane
Sydney NSW 2000
0432 487 598 

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